Biography of Billion Million


Billion Million, going by “Billi-Milli”, is a rap + vocal + dance unit debuted in 2021.

A completely new but immediately addictive hip-hop is the sound of an enticing world created by TRUE, a Japanese rapper with world-class rapping skills, and Rara-Marie, a soprano gifted with a celestial voice.The unit consists of TRUE (rap & vocal), Rara-Marie (vocal), and RANDOM (dancer).

The three, active in their respective entertainment fields, joined hands to form a unit, a dream they have pursued for years.
All their songs are written, composed, and arranged by TRUE & Rara-Marie,while RANDOM, also a professional creator, takes charge of music videos and choreography.

★Billi-Milli’s Sound
TRUE’s rap directly speaks to our emotions, while Rara-Marie’s angelic voice rings out crystal-clear – the merger of the two completely different sounds carries flavors of a variety of genres the singers grew up with. With LA & NY hip-hop sounds spicing up the music in the backdrop, their songs strike out a completely new brand of uniqueness.

Their music videos further convince the unmistakable “dance music sound” of Billi-Milli, because RANDOM, a street dance expert, makes it sure with his own artistic expertise.

TRUE’s rapping world is brimming with emotions, which often verges on songs rather than rhythmical words. Her voice weaves listeners’ experiences and emotions like waves of words. The freshly novel and enchanting mixture of Japanese x English raps is something female listeners can immediately resonate with.
Rara-Marie’s vocal, dancing smoothly in sync with the easy dance sound, is characterized by the soothing quality of an exquisite instrument that cleanses our souls and makes us want to come back for more.

★Origin of Billi-Milli’s Name
The name, Billion Million, carries the member’s desire to “deliver music that billions of people on the planet can enjoy from the bottom of their heart.”
Even when we are down and suffer in pain, music stays with us, pours positive thoughts in our mind, unloads our burden, saves us, helps us take a new step, prompts us to wish someone’s happiness and, above all, brightens us up.

Billi-Milli aspires to be artists trusted by listeners as the producer of “music that is always with us.”